About us

Welcome to the VACC-CZ website, the Czech division of the Virtual Area Control Center (VACC), which is a part of the global network of virtual air traffic control known as VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network).

Who We Are

VACC-CZ is an official member of the worldwide VATSIM network in the VATSIM Europe region. We gather virtual controllers who operate in the FIR Prague area of the Czech Republic. Our members provide virtual air traffic control services to pilots flying within the Czech airspace. Additionally, the members of VACC-CZ offer training to aspiring virtual controllers seeking to obtain authorization to manage virtual air traffic at Czech airports.

Sophisticated Entertainment

Pilots engage in flight simulation using flight simulators, while virtual controllers guide the pilots’ flights through radar simulations.

This combination faithfully replicates the real-world environment of commercial and general aviation on a global scale. The VATSIM network’s motto is “As real as it gets,” and within this virtual realm, you’ll encounter aviation enthusiasts from around the world flying aircraft of all types. From ultralights and small single or multi-engine planes to helicopters and large commercial aircraft like the Concorde and Airbus A380 – you’ll find it all here.

To ensure a structured experience, similar to the real world, the air traffic is supervised by controllers. These controllers are responsible for specific designated areas where they provide appropriate services. Just like in real aviation, you’ll encounter services such as Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departure/Approach, and Enroute.

In all cases, pilots communicate with real people, no matter where they are in the world.

Communication between pilots and controllers follows real aviation procedures. While pilots can fly on VATSIM without exams or licenses, a certain level of knowledge of these procedures is necessary. VATSIM offers a range of training materials for pilots, which can be found on the websites of VATSIM.

Our Services

At VACC-CZ, we provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) services on the VATSIM network within the LKAA FIR / Czech Republic. We hold full responsibility for all operations within this FIR / country. We bring together pilots from our country, organizing events both on VATSIM and in the real world, fostering a vibrant aviation community.

We invite you to explore our website, learn about virtual aviation, and become a part of our growing community of aviation enthusiasts. Whether you’re a pilot or a controller, or simply someone passionate about aviation, VACC-CZ offers a platform for sophisticated entertainment, realistic experiences, and meaningful connections.

Welcome to the skies of VACC-CZ!