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Correct runway vacation

...the runway 24 in Prague Ruzyne must not be vacated via taxisay B?

Pilots after landing shall vacate the runway via the nearest taxiway in the terminal direction. But - via a taxiway running the landing direction! Czech regional airports have mostly perpendicular taxisays to the runway and then the pilots can taky any taxisay to vacate the runway. However the pilots may be asked to vacate via a specific taxiway - e.g. due to a waiting light aircraft for departure on the nearest taxiway.

However in Prague the taxiways are bound to the runways in different angles - either in a landing direction or in an opposite - in a direction of the opposite runway. NEVER use the opposite taxisays for vacating the runway! This is valid for all runways in Prague.

ALso never vacate the runway via another runway. For example never vacate runway 24 in Prague via the runway 12/30!