Czech Virtual Area Control Center on VATSIM network

Pilot school

Pilotní škola

Flying is relatively sophisticated hobby and requires specific knowledge, especialy in case of real flying.

Although we are flying only virtually on VATSIM, also here some knowledge and skills are required. Pilots shall be able at least have so much of knowledge that their behavior doesn't impact someone elses fun - both: the pilots and the ATCs.

The Czech VATSIM division website contains a lot of training materials, many of them are however in Czech. All required information can be found here:

  • VACC-CZ Wiki - our own Wiki containing the most important topics required for online flying, it's composed from own as well as external materials
  • VACC-CZ Fórum - the Czech VATSIM division community forum you can find here a lot of interresting stuff and in case there is something missing, a new topic/question can be raised

Additional information can be found on our main virtual airlines:

However I recomend to use also VATEUD and/or VATSIM training materials or any other VACC training center materials.