Czech Virtual Area Control Center on VATSIM network

Join us

Everybody who wants to try to simulate real aviation procedures is welcome to connect to the VATSIM network.

LKCE (Česká Lípa)Why to join? For example because:

  • Your hobby or dream is flying and everything related
  • You wanna try what does it take to fly under real conditions, but without real risks
  • You are looking for anybody you can discuss about the topic - seriously or just for fun
  • You are looking for an inteligent hobby

The key motto of the VATSIM network is: "As real as it gets". The VATSIM is not a game, it's a simulation!

How to connect?

First of allyou need to register to the VATSIM network and understand with virtual flying rules and conditions. For flying on the network you don't need any formal training or approval. All the necessary information you can find on these and linked web pages. Several important questions are answered in the FAQ section. And what you don't find there you can ask for on our forum.

You can fly at any time on any place around the world, you just need to abidy by certain basic rules to allow the same level of fun to other colleagues. And more if you fly in a controlled airspace, then the fun becomes real hi-tech simulation with respective adrenalin. :-)

You can find detailed procedure of connecting to the VATSIM on home VATSIM page.

There is not aloways a lucky day for every of us and the things go wrong. But don't worry, should you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to contact anybody from the VACC-CZ staff or just put the question to our forum. We are pretty sure that we can help you with majority of problems... we are flying quite long already...

So see (or better hear) you on the frequency...