Czech Virtual Area Control Center on VATSIM network


Question: What all do I - as an online pilot applicant - need to have?

Answer: You need to have at least:

  • a computer capable running one of the supported flight simulators (MS Flight Simulator 2004 or newer or X-Plane)
  • a stable internet connection (cable or ADSL, als a 3G mobile connection may be enough but sometimes problems occur)
  • an interest in the flying and related topics
  • basic knowledge about flying

Additionaly a configured head set including a microphone is more then recomended.


Question: What all do I - as an online pilot applicant - need to know?

Answer: You need to know at least:

  • how to control the flight simulator an an user level
  • how to control selected aircraft on sufficient level so you are able to follow basic ATC instructions
  • basic air space separation
  • basic phraseology

It's of course not a show stopper if you are missing any of the skills above. Most of the information you can find on these and linked web pages. There are dozens of various resources available on the internet.

And more - we are happy to help also online - if we are not fully utilized by ourselves and the traffic around.


Question: What do I need to do to get started online?

Answer: Check the Join us web page. Should you experience any problems, check our forum and if you don't find an answer, don't hesitate to raise new question.


Question: You are talking about controllers but when I'm online I can't find any and also there is not too many pilots connected, why?

Answer:The VATSIM network is all around the world network of aviation fans doing this hobby in their free time - both the pilots and the controllers. This implies that you can most likely find more pilots and also controlles during the work week in the evening, during weekends sometimes also during the day. If you are available during other times just try to connect to a different airport where the time allows better coverage.

Check the VATSpy application which shows you ATC coverage and all pilots online at that time. Check also our forum, these pages and other VACCs web pages. Anyway the best place to find events for whole europe is european division cí pro European division event calendar or global VATSIM event calendar. Every event guaranties ATC coverage and many pilots online.

You can find all events organized by VACC-CZ on these pages and on our forum. Check the right part of the web page where you can always find currently connected controllers and booking for today and tomorrow.


Question: How can I become a controller?

Answer: To become a virtual controller you need at first earn a lot of knowledge and experience as a virtual pilot. If you can count your online hours to hundreds or thousands, if you are well known czech VATSIM community member active on forum you have a big chance to become the ATC.

However it depends on many other factors like actual number of students, mentors availability, etc.

If you fulfill the criterias and you really want to become the virtual controller, follow the instructions on the Join us page in the ATC section.