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Runway vacation to the first crossing

...when you vacate runway after landing, you shall to continue and reach the first taxiway crossing and stop before?

Many pilots vacate the runway and stop immediately behind the runway edge. This is wrong because of the following reasons. First of all you don't know if the tail part of your aircraft doesn't block the traffic on the runway, second your aircraft can infringe localizer signal of the ILS. And more in case of dense traffic your position obstructs following landing aircrafts to use the same taxiway for vacation which significantly decreases capacity of the runway and causes missed approaches and another traffic.

So after landing always taxi to the first taxiways crossing and stop before.

For example: when landing to runway 24 in Prague and vacating via C, taxi to the crossing of L and C, when vacating via D, taxi to the crossing of D and F, when runway 30 is in use and vacating via G, taxi and stop before crossing of G and F etc.

The same rule appllies to regional airports.

Of course when you get your taxi instructions during vacating the landing runway you don't need to stop and you continue to your clearence limit (usually the final stand).