Czech Virtual Area Control Center on VATSIM network

Welcome to the VACC-CZ

Welcome to the VACC-CZ - the Czech Virtual Area Control Center - member of the world wide Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network - VATSIM.

Who are we

VACC-CZ is official member of the VATSIM netowrk in the VATSIM Europe region. It consists of virtual controllers providing their services in LKAA - FIR Prague. The VACC-CZ members provide virtual air traffic control services to pilots in the Czech airspace. In addition to this the VACC-CZ provide also training necessary to become a licensed virtual air traffic controller on the Czech airports.


Pilots + controllers = sophisticated fun

The pilots fly with their flight simulators, the viartual controllers control flying of the pilots using radar simulator.

This combination faithfully simulates the real environment of the civil and general aviation world wide. The motto of the VATSIM network is "As real as it gets". You can find other flying enhusiasts flying all around the world in aircrafts of all kinds. From ultralight aircrafts through small single engine multiengine airplanes and helicopters to big airliners like Concorde or Airbus A380. Simply everything what can fly.

To make the flying making sense - real sense, the air traffic control services are provided by the controllers in their area of responsibility. You can see the controllers of all kind like Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departura/Arrrival, Enroute.

In any case every pilot talksa lways to real people despite of a place and/or distance around the world.

Communication between pilots and controllers is based onreal aviation procedures - thus at least a basic level of knowledge is asked from the pilots although they don't need to pass any training or exam. There exist dozens of studying materials for pilots - everything can be found on the local VACC pages including our one.

Anything unclear?

All the information raise plenty of additional questions. The most relevant questions with their answers are available in the FAW section. Other answers can be found either on our Wiki or in our forum where you can ask for additional and advanced

If you like the idea... just join us!

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