Czech Virtual Area Control Center on VATSIM network

Runway to Hell 2014


The VACC of the Czech Republic invites you for High Density Flyin - Runway to Hell 2014. The event will occur on 14th May 2014 from 1700Z to 2000Zat Prague Ruzyně Airport - LKPR. The capacity of the real Prague Ruzyně Airport is standing on its edge. The daily flow reaches 600 movements per day, with over 60 movements per rush hour, less than a minute between two landings or take offs. Special procedures have been implemented to manage such big traffic on a single runway. They are called High Intensity Single Runway Op.

And therefore we invite you to explore how the real pilots feel themselves:

  • when they hear late landing clearance,
  • when they must vacate as soon as it gets,
  • when they are number six on approach,
  • when they are cleared for immediate take off,
  • when they have no chance to make a mistake!

We offer full ATC services with 8 ATC positions, booking system, charts of destination, LKPR Free Scenery for MSFS and X-Plane, the extreme fun atmosphere with us. We will make our best for you to feel like in the middle of the rush traffic day at real Prague Ruzyně airport!

Official website of event with booking system, airport and weather informations, charts and sceneries: