Czech Virtual Area Control Center on VATSIM network

[6 AUG 2016, 15-20z] Middle-Europe Summer Ops


Dear Pilots!

We would like to invite you for our hot as sand on the beach event - Middle-Europe Summer Ops. With corporation of PL-VACC, VACC-CZ, VACC-SK, VACCHUN, CROVACC, VACCBUL and Hellenic VACC. On Saturday, 6th of August you will have possibility to fly from Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest to our amazing and sunny summer destinations: Bourgas, Split, Corfu and back (or where you want). Prepare your aircraft, board passengers, take sunmilk and fasten your seatbelt. We are waiting for you on Saturday, 6th of August from 15 to 20 UTC.

More information HERE