Téma: new VATEUD logo

Dear VATEUD and VATSIM fans,

As you might have noticed,  VATEUD has been rejuvenating itself since the beginning of 2013.  Many good things are on the way; the VATEUD PTD was been re-engineered, the Membership department is still in contact with every VACC, VACC-Slovenia and VACC-Malta are beginning to emerge and the ATC Training Department has is also making great inroads.  Overall, it was a successful first quarter of 2013 for VATEUD.

BUT; A new engine needs a new cowling.  We don't want to be a 12 cylinder engine inside of an old-timer mockup.  What do we need? We need a new, fresh and representative logo for VATEUD.

VATEUD would like your support in helping to design a new logo for the biggest Division in the VATSIM world.


-Must be vector based graphic
-Must be in cooperative design to VATSIM
-Must be free of copyrighted regulations
-The word "VATEUD" must be the primary eye catcher.
-Aspect ratio 3:1 or 2:1[/li]

Send your proposal to vateud6@vateud.net and stand the chance of winning two 20€ voucher for SimMarket.com if your logo will is selected.

The end of the winning game will be the 4th June 2013.

Looking forward to your amazing ideas!!!

Your VATEUD team