Téma: Turkish National Independence & Children's Day, 23.4.2012, 8-17 UTC


Dear VATSIM Members,

During the Turkish War of Independence, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) was established on 1920, April 23, in Ankara and laid down the foundations of a new, independent, secular, and modern republic.

To commemorate the event, April 23 was proclaimed a national holiday in 1921. The founder of The Republic of Turkey,Atatürk, has given this day to the children in 1929.

Every year, the children in Turkey celebrate this "Independence and Children's Day" as a national holiday. Schools participate in week-long ceremonies marked by performances in all fields in large stadiums watched by the entire nation. Among the activities on this day, the children send their representatives to replace state officials and high ranking bureaucrats in their offices. The President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Ministers, provincial governors all turn over their positions to children's representatives. These children, in turn, sign executive orders relating to educational and environmental policies. On this day, the children also replace the parliamentarians in the Grand National Assembly and hold a special session to discuss matters concerning children's issues.

When 1979 was declared as the World Children’s year by United Nations, Tekin Özertem, the director of children’s programs of TRT Ankara Television, and his assistant Canan Arısoy embarked on a project aiming at embracing all the children of the world. Upon the approval of the project by the TRT executives, organization work went underway. So the first celebration of TRT International 23rd April Children’s festival was performed in Turkey on April 23rd, 1979, with the participation of 5 other countries; USSR, Iraq, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. Now, the celebration of TRT International 23rd April Children’s festival is performed with the participation of about 50 countries each year. The celebrations were performed in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, from 1979 to 2000. After this year together with Ankara some other major cities such as İzmir, İstanbul and Antalya also hosted the celebrations. 

TRvACC Celebrates this day second time on VATSIM.

On April 23,2012, Ankara FIR will be online with many airports.

Here is the Airport & ATC List of the celebration;

Erzurum Int.Airport..........LTCE (TWR)
Sivas Airport................LTAR (TWR)
Kayseri Erkilet Airport......LTAU (APP&TWR)
Trabzon Int.Airport..........LTCG (APP&TWR)
Ankara Esenboga Int.Airport..LTAC (APP&TWR&GND)

Ankara Control...............LTAA (LTAA_W_CTR

We welcome all pilots and airlines to join us on this special evening.

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