Téma: VATEUD Exam Flight Group

"I am pleased to announce that after several false starts, development being stopped halfway through the process that at long last we are rolling out a new VEFG (formerly known as a CPT Pilot task force)


What is it and what can you do?  it is the new home of all Serious Virtual Pilots wherever they may come from be it within or outside of VATEUD who wish to have serious fun participating as pilots in the many and regular ATC Practical Examinations (CPT’s) that are organized across VATEUD by the individual vACC's and their Training Teams.

The key to a successful CPT as we all know are pilots, without pilots, the art of controlling is useless, especially when online practical exams require that traffic exist and in abundance, this is normally not a problem when they are done in places like EDDF, LEMD or ENGM but we have 37 vACC’s within VATEUD and unfortunately many CPT’s arranged for exceptionally good candidates in less well known or active areas need to be postponed again and again due to lack of traffic.

And this is where YOU come in!! Spread the word to your own communities including VA's and lets get as many pilots on board as possible. We are aiming for serious pilots, who know what they are doing and who are willing to accept instructions from an examiner from time to time to do something unexpected.

This interface will be developed in time and initially integrates pilots, event managers and controllers in one central point of contact. Pilots are able to see future CPT events if they so wish and specify which of them they are interested in attending. Event managers are able to list their CPT’s and generate an automatic email that will be sent to all pilots signed up meeting the criteria of the CPT’s (Location, Rating etc) and finally the Examiners will be able to keep track of what is happening and in the future fill in evaluation forms and process any rating upgrade automatically.

What do we expect from Pilots signing up?

  • To fly into and/or out from a CPT area, participating at least in 3 per year, the more of course the better.

  • To fly into and/or out from CPT’s in lesser known areas.

  • To agree during a flight to perform certain unexpected maneuvers or actions if requested to do so by an examiner.

  • To be a good and proficient pilot with good knowledge of all aspects of flying on line.

What will participating pilots gain from this?

  • Fun, Fun and more fun.

  • Chance to fly into areas they normally do not fly to.

  • Quick and easy progression trough pilot ratings (currently P1 only)"

Pilots who are interested should go to the website stated above and register. Afterwards you will get access to the website and see which CPT's you can fly in the future !

All current and future Belux vACC ATC trainees thank you for your efforts !
Kind Regards

Steven Fauconnier
Belux vACC Director


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